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Discover Torino

Not only Turin: Langhe, land of Italian wine and truffle, recently recognized as Unesco World Heritage, can give you the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Our reception is at your disposal to organize private transfer, winery tours and tastings. More information at: th70@townhousehotels.com

The Museo Egizio is an archaeological museum in Turin, specializing in Egyptian archaeology and anthropology. It houses one of the largest collections of Egyptian antiquities with more than 30,000 artefacts. It's the most important after the one in Cairo.

The museum is the only one other than the Cairo Museum that is dedicated solely to Egyptian art and culture. Many international scholars, since the decipherer of Egyptian hieroglyphs Jean-François Champollion, who came to Turin in 1824, spend much time pouring over the collections. It was Champollion who famously wrote, “The road to Memphis and Thebes passes through Turin”.

Palazzo Madama is a large historic building that now houses the collections of the Museo Civico d’Arte Antica, Turin’s municipal museum of ancient art.
There you will find about the history of the city as well as  artworks from Middle Age to 20th century.

The National Museum of Cinema (Museo Nazionale del Cinema) is operated by the Maria Adriana Prolo Foundation. The museum is one of the most important of its kind in the world thanks to it vast collection and the many different scientific and educational activities it carries out. But what makes it truly unique is its special exhibit setup. The museum is located inside the Mole Antonelliana, a bizarre and fascinating monument which is the symbol of the City of Torino.